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2015.10.17 13:29

X Banner Stand Parts

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Banners are unquestionably one of the most reliable types of marketing and banner stands are a superb method to exhibit your vinyl banners. Although they have exactly the same goal of keeping a banner, there are many options available; some of which are better suited for certain occasions than others.


Banner stands, also known as roll are a rather high quality stand that looks amazing and is considered to be an allinone. When ordering a retractable version you ought to anticipate the banner is printed and installed into the retractable unit. It should also come with a carry case for easy portability.

They may be considered the most convenient and simplest of the stand collection which credits with their increase in popularity especially among trade show professionals and retail stores. The banner stand is usually spring loaded but in some higher end models they utilize a different, more complex way of retracting. After it is pulled up totally, the the top rail attaches on top to the support slide and the display is fully assembled. Many editions of banner stands are available including those featuring more , motorized scrolling and sided.


Mobile stands that are telescopic can make used and varying heights for many different size banners. The banners that are put within mobile banner stands are not difficult to change outside.

So they are able to be carried in a case, another positive aspect about that style is the fact that they fold-up smaller and are very lightweight. The designs for portable banner stands are infinite and are a more affordable alternative than the version that is retractable.

L and X

The X banner stands and the L are both portable and come with their own carrying case. The huge difference between other stands that are mobile and these two is the figure it makes on the back. It forms an X when you take a look at the back of an X stand; similarly, an L. is formed by the L stand

X stands in particular are among the least expensive of banner displays. They're really lightweight and consist of two hubs which hold arms that are adaptable. The arms hold the banner tight with the corners typically using grommet attachment and create pressure.

The preceding are the most used methods to display banner ads and range in cost for those who have a diminished budget and higher. There are even alternatives that are economic on just about every fashion available which allows to get a small funding to go farther. Using banners correctly is a successful advertising tool and a superb display alternative.

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