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Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak lately stated that the U.S. economic crisis and inner problems have lowered its Middle East dominance. In talking earlier than the Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Protection Committee, Barak claimed that these points have decreased the U.S. capability to undertaking strength. Therefore, he claimed that there are cracks in its hegemony and dominance within the Middle East.

Sadly, this loss of dominance and affect needed to occur to the U.S.-for 3 reasons. First, the U.S. just isn't found in Bible prophecy. This is primarily as a result of it should have moved away from Israel (which the White House has been doing over the previous three years). But additionally, for the U.S. to be absent from end-instances prophecy, it will need to lose influence in the Center East by the time it's time for negotiations to begin on the top-times treaty.

As we give attention to that latter point, we can see that, on account of the Arab Spring (the uprisings within the Center East over the past 12 months), the U.S. is in a diminished position within the region. In truth, Washington has lost most of its regional influence over the previous three years of the Obama administration. As a result, the U.S. has far less bargaining energy than it did at one time.

For instance, one of many issues that makes Iran even more dangerous is that Iranian rulers view the U.S. as weak. They have seen the U.S. pull out of Iraq and abandon the war in Afghanistan. In addition, the connection between the U.S. and Pakistan is unraveling. Thus, they see that America has misplaced significant affect within the Center East and does not appear to have the strength or the stomach for a protracted war.

Moreover, the Syrian regime is now not afraid of the U.S.; for it sees the U.S. president ceding ground within the Middle East. Consequently, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad no longer sees America as a threat to his sovereignty.

As well as, the start of a troublesome election yr means that President Obama will seemingly not get into a regional peace initiative or into anything that smacks of pressuring Israel. Thus, the U.S. will stay on the sideline, which further reduces its affect within the international community.

An illustration of this latter level may be seen by the fact that the U.S. is not going to take middle stage as Israelis and Palestinians meet this week to speak about negotiations. Though this is not a formal negotiation, yet it's important that the U.S. isn't directly concerned and seems to be a foreboding that America will not be directly involved in a future regional treaty with Israel.

I've been predicting that the U.S. won't be concerned in the long run-instances treaty with Israel. Though the Israel-Palestinian talks is not going to lead to an end-times treaty, still, the absence of the U.S. at these preliminary talks appears to be a prophetic preliminary and lends extra credence to the absence of America from Bible prophecy.

These illustrations reveal that America has lost a significant quantity of affect within the region. In truth, it has so little clout amongst each Arab states and European nations that it appears that America in bible prophecy has already exited the prophetic picture.

So, as we've got seen, the primary motive why the U.S. had to forfeit dominance and affect is because it is absent from Bible prophecy. There's another reason why U.S. dominance needed to considerably shrink, which has to do with the Obama administration's therapy of Israel.

The White Home's adversarial treatment of Israel over the past three years requires consequences. In Genesis 12:3, God promised to carry hassle upon anyone who brings trouble upon Israel. It seems that one of the consequences for the Obama administration's hassle upon Israel is the loss of influence within the Center East. This consequence has moved the U.S. right out of the prophetic picture.

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